At Foulpointe, there is also the «Fort Manda», Merina Fort built by Radama I between 1826 and 1831 (to 1 km north west of the village).

Built from stone dried, crushed coral mixed with egg whites as a binder.

The circular enclosure measuring about 70 meters in diameter with a wall of 5 to 6 meters high.

Towards the inside, the wall includes a path to a lookout with embrasures for guns and a circular road, landed addition, connected by stairs. In the space inside the walls still stood the house of the commander of the prison, kitchen, and outside those of a powder keg. A well fed this fort.

Four « batteries » located less than two kilometers from the main fort and a strong fallback to 22 Km, less known for its difficult access to the fores.

Abandoned during the colonial period, he served as a refuge for children, women and elderly during the insurrection of 1947.

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