For your stay in Foulpointe Tamatave, The Manda Beach Hotel offers a large choice of comfortable and spacious bungalows :

Double room for 2 persons

Family Room for 4 persons a maximum : 2 rooms with 1 double and 2 single beds

Standard bungalow for 5 persons a maximum : 1 small bed, 2 double beds for 2 persons including 1 on the mezzanine, and 1 reads auxiliary

Bungalow Maëlla in the sea for up for 4 or 5 persons : 2 large beds for 2 persons including 1 on the mezzanine with TV satellite, fridge, individual safe …


« Breakfast is included in our rates Accommodation ».


Rooms at Manda Beach
Hotel Foulpointe Madagascar

A range of comfort will be available in your room. You will only have to enjoy the holidays happiness that you reserve the Manda Beach Hotel at Foulpointe.


Bungalows at Manda Beach
Hotel Foulpointe Madagascar

The hotel offers Standard Bungalows or its exceptional Maëlla Bungalows for those who prefer to be closer to the sweetness of the sear.

manda beach chambres

Rooms for Guides and Drivers

To ensure that your holiday is completely peaceful, we provide rooms for your guides and/or drivers. Next to the room for guides and drivers, we also have a room for a nurse at your disposal.

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